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I started my blog, The Genius Cat, because, well, the whole office life just wasn't cutting it for this introvert. Who needs fluorescent lights and meetings when you can run a profitable blog from home?

Now, I get it – starting a blog can feel overwhelming. Don't sweat it, though! I've got your back with this free course.

In just 7 days, I'll walk you through everything from setting up your blog to attracting readers and making your first online income.

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Day 1: Why you SHOULD start your blog

Day 2: What in the world should you blog about

Day 3: A simple step-by-step guide on how to start your blog on WordPress

Day 4: The MUST-HAVE tools for your blogging success (Plus AI tools)

Day 5: How to start making money with your blog

Day 6: How to catapult your blog traffic even as a beginner

Day 7: My top blogging tips for success, I wish someone told me before starting my blog

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